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Antalis Packaging Product
Innovative Bespoke Solutions

When innovative technical solutions suit your business challenge

Opting for a unique packaging solution can help resolve your packaging problems, from reducing costs to increasing efficiency, by creating bespoke packaging designs that are specifically tailored to your product and business needs.

For example, your containers and boxes can include bespoke designed inserts and specially cut foam layers to allow for the optimum number of products to be packed in one box. You can also choose a bespoke packaging line that fits in with your current production process or printed packaging products to promote your brand during transit.

Why you should definitely discover our bespoke solutions ?


The most modern 2D and 3D design softwares to create bespoke packaging solutions with short development timescales


Improve the efficiency of your process with solutions made for your products


Experimented packaging engineers centralized in Germany who design and create prototypes that bring your ideas to life.


A unique expertise with the creation of more than 10.000 successful bespoke and engineered packaging solutions.


The focus on the 3Rs environmentally friendly concept = Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, allowing to use sustainable materials wherever possible and to limit the use of material and reduce waste

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